IceBlueMinx Rewards and NFTs

A small step for the Creator, a giant leap for the Creator Economy

What is Minxie?

Minxie is the only community-first content platform, NFT marketplace, and creator ecosystem. We are building the most user-friendly Web3 platform for the creator community, fully integrated into the blockchain and always putting safety first.

Minxie is a new community-first Content Subscription Platform backed by two cryptocurrencies ($MINX — the governance token of the ecosystem; and $GOOD — the transactional token of the Platform) that also features an NFT Marketplace, allowing creators to focus on building and monetizing their community while leveraging blockchain integrations to get financial control back from the platforms exposing their content and hard work.

That’s why Minxie is providing its community with the ability to receive exclusive membership access, platform governance, merchandise, and new revenue sources by joining the Minxie Verse before it officially kicks off for everyone else.

Whether you are content creators, their supporters, users of our Minxie Content Platform or digital artists and art collectors growing their portfolios on our NFT marketplace, there is a home for you on Minxie.

What are NFTs?

An NFT is a digital asset that provides proof of ownership of any real-world object, such as art, music and video, that can be stored on a blockchain as a unique unit. NFTs are bought and sold online, almost always with cryptocurrency.

Physical money and cryptocurrencies are fungible, meaning they can be traded or exchanged for another unit of the same currency. For example,. one dollar is always worth one dollar, no matter if it is in a bank in New York or in your pocket in Hawaii. One Bitcoin is always equal to another Bitcoin. Crypto’s fungibility makes it a trusted method of conducting transactions on the blockchain, just as dollars and euros work well for the same reason when doing business in person.

NFTs are different. Each has a digital signature that makes it impossible for NFTs to be exchanged for or equal to one another — making them non-fungible. One “NBA Top Shot” Clip, for example, is not equal to another simply because they’re both NFTs, they are unique in that they have different digital signatures and the content associated with that token. It is similar to how two Picassos may have wildly different appearances — and values — despite being painted by the same person.

The art community has been supportive of NFTs for the value they’ve created, proving to be lucrative financial assets — when they are part of strong communities. Minxie is in it for the long haul and will lean into giving our creators new opportunities to monetize their art through our NFT marketplace.

💎IceBlueMinx NFTs

IceBlueMinx Collections (2D Sketches)

Minxie is the first creator community on the blockchain, so we had to do something special with our NFTs. That’s why we partnered with several top digital artists to create our own unique 3D-Animated NFT collections, 💎IceBlueMinx. Even better, holders of the early 💎IceBlueMinx NFTs get real benefits beyond just owning the most enticing NFTs on any blockchain.

Multiple collections each associated with a specific milestone will be available for minting.

IceBlueMinx Details

What separates 💎IceBlueMinx is a rewards structure that actually gives users things they want. What does that mean?

💎IceBlueMinx Rewards


How can you get whitelisted for the 💎IceBlueMinx NFTs and what does that “MVP” on the pie chart mean?

Minxie Verse Pass

MVP Perks and Details

The Minxie Verse Pass is your opportunity to take a more prominent role in our community from the start. Think of it as a season ticket for the front row of the future of digital entertainment in Web3. You can sit back and wait, but what’s the fun in that?

Here are the tiers of the Minxie Verse Pass

I. OG MVP — 3,000 available | 0.7 ETH each (0.5 ETH if you Join Our Whitelist)

Release Date: 10/21/2022


  • 20M $GOOD Airdrop
  • Access to Beta Platform
  • Vote on Best NFTs and Get Rewarded
  • Access to raffles, giveaways and airdrops
  • Access to Curated Partner Venues
  • Mystery NFT and Luxury Merch Drops
  • Whitelist for future NFT Collections
  • And more….

II. Exotic MVP — 7,000 available | 0.5 ETH each (0.3 ETH if you Join Our Whitelist)

Exotic MVP

Release Date: 11/7/2022


  • 5M $GOOD Airdrop
  • Access to Beta Platform
  • Vote on Best NFTs and Get Rewarded
  • Access to raffles, giveaways and airdrops
  • Access to Curated Partner Venues
  • Mystery NFT and Luxury Merch Drops
  • Whitelist for future NFT Collections
  • Learn more about the MinxieVerse Pass here.

Mystery NFT Drops

Probably Nothing

The team at Minxie has a full slate of NFT drops planned, providing one-of-a-kind style and unique value propositions designed to keep our community the sexiest and most fun place in Web3.

This includes:

  • Fashion line
  • Luxury Merch Partnerships
  • Minxie Content Studios
  • Multichain NFT marketplace
  • VR/Metaverse parties with Creators
  • New partnerships with entertainment companies
  • Launching of new separate DeFi products under the Minxie umbrella

Contacting Minxie

The Minxie Team wants to meet innovators, creators, allies and visionaries that share our passion for privacy, security of digital assets, power of a decentralized world, metaverse, and freedom of artistic expression through blockchain technology.

If this excites you and you’re feeling boxed out by what’s out there now, give us a shout:

“Don’t be shy…”



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