$GOOD Copper Launch Auction

Wondering how to participate in the upcoming Minxie Liquidity Bootstrapping Pool (LBP) on Copper Launch?

The Minxie Team is nearing our exciting Token Launch event. After our MVP NFTs Drop, we will proceed with our token auction using Copper Launch. This article will specify the needed steps, the parameters of pools, and outline the details of the Token Airdrop for our MVP holders.

What is Copper Launch?

Copper Launch is an innovative solution for token auctions that is decentralized, permissionless, and available for all. Copper Launch is a product built on top of Balancer, a known and trusted automated portfolio managing and trading platform, and major open-source contributor in the DeFi space. Copper Launch works by launching an unequally weighted pool that then seeks to obtain equilibrium over time. In effect, this causes a decaying price only if no buys are completed over time.

Why choose Copper Launch?

The Minxie Team wanted to choose a way that would enable fair price discovery, does not benefit bots or large whales, and allows everyone to participate. After much discussion, it was evaluated that the best way to complete this goal is through a Copper Launch Auction.

How does Copper Launch combat against bots and whales?

In most instances, projects launching on Copper Launch will usually begin their LBP with the project at a high market cap. Pricing the token higher discourages bots and heavy buying activity at the time the LBP begins. Over time, the price decays/reduces allowing time to engage in the LBP when the token reaches a price that is more in line with realistic valuations. — Copper Launch Team

Minxie’s Liquidity Bootstrapping Pool (LBP) Parameters:

We will be adding a total of 7.5% (75,000,000,000 tokens) of the circulating supply of $GOOD to the LBP pool and at the completion of the sale, these will be unlocked with no vesting. There is no minimum & maximum purchase limit and there are no staking & whitelist requirements. All unsold tokens will be burned.

  • $GOOD Contract: 0x0bD0fF6F270aA5e85401306fefdB5D56B1ad790a
  • Purchase Link: TBA
  • Start Date: TBA
  • End Date: TBA
  • Duration: 3 days (78 hours)
  • Starting Price: TBA
  • Minimum purchase amount: None
  • Currencies: ETH, WETH, USDC, DAI, MATIC
  • Gas Fee: You need some MATIC in the wallet to complete the transaction
  • Blockchain: MATIC
  • Initial pooled: 75B $GOOD
  • Starting weights: GOOD 96%: USDC 4%
  • Ending weights: GOOD 50%: USDC 50%
$GOOD Tokenomics

Steps to participate in the LBP (once announced)

1. To join the LBP, jump over to our Copper Launch page

2. Connect a wallet that is compatible with the platform such as MetaMask, WalletConnect, etc.

3. Once you have connected your wallet, select the amount of $GOOD Tokens you would like to purchase, you then need to perform two transactions:

(a) First you need to approve the purchasing tokens with the Copper Launch platform. Click “Approve for Trading” in the blue box. Gas fees will have to be paid in ETH.

(b) Once the approval has been completed you will be able to click “Swap” to convert your chosen currency into $GOOD tokens.

4. Once the transaction has been completed you will receive your $GOOD tokens straight into your wallet!

5. We now recommend adding the contract to your wallet on MetaMask (or other wallets) you do this by:

(a) Open MetaMask and scroll to the bottom and click Import Token

(b) Click custom token and then input the contract address and click Add Custom Token: 0x0bD0fF6F270aA5e85401306fefdB5D56B1ad790a

The Minxie Team will continue to do our absolute best to answer questions, provide more detail, and share more resources as our Auction Date quickly approaches.

Some Possible Outcomes of the LBP

While we cannot promise the outcome as that is based on the number of users who participate and what volume the pool sees, we believe it’s important to examine previous LBP’s to understand the possibilities.

Guildfi — $GF

Guildfi is a gaming guild within the crypto space. They launched on Copper in early December and were a successful launch.

Starting weight: 95:5

Ending weight: 50:50

Duration: 72 hours

Initial GuildFi: 75,000,000.00

Initial USDC: 3,950,000.00


PathDAO is a community DAO that seeks to bring fintech & Defi to the unbanked through scholars. They also launched on Copper Launch in early December. The price was unable to be sustained although the sale did finish higher than the initial offering.

Starting weight: 93:7

Ending weight: 50:50

Duration: 72 hours

Initial PathDao: 50,000,000.00

Initial USDC: 1,500,000.00

For a more in depth understanding of how the LBP Copper Launch behaves please review the technical documents located here:


About Minxie

Minxie is the only community-first decentralized content subscription platform and NFT marketplace. We have built the most user-friendly Web3 platform for the creator economy, fully integrated into the blockchain and always putting safety first. Web3 is sexy. Minxie is sexier, and it’s for everyone with a passion for self-expression and betting on themselves.

Minxie is built from the bottom up around a true, authentic community. It only succeeds with a strong community, and the incentives of the company are fully aligned with creators. We are all about using Web3 to remove the obstacles that stand between the best creators and getting paid.

That’s why Minxie is providing its community with the ability to receive exclusive membership access, creator access, merchandise, and recurring revenues by joining the Minxie Verse before it officially kicks off for everyone else.

Whether you are content creators, their supporters, users of our Minxie Subscription Platform or digital artists and art collectors growing their portfolios on our NFT marketplace, there is a home for you on Minxie.

Contacting Minxie

The Minxie Team wants to meet innovators, creators, allies and visionaries that share our passion for privacy, security of digital assets, power of decentralized world, metaverse, and freedom of artistic expression through blockchain technology. If this excites you and you’re feeling boxed out by what’s out there now, give us a shout:

• Website: https://www.minxie.io/

• Whitepaper: https://info.minxie.io/whitepaper

• Documentation: https://docs.minxie.io/

• Twitter: https://twitter.com/minxxxie

• Discord: https://discord.gg/b25dUsBDDs

• Telegram: https://t.me/minxiechatofficial

• Media Contact: marketing@minxie.io

“Don’t be shy…”




A community-first Web 3.0 content ecosystem — Blockchain after dark

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A community-first Web 3.0 content ecosystem — Blockchain after dark

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