Minxie is The Web3 Answer for Creator Economy

4 min readMay 13, 2022


Minxie Description

The internet has created a payments revolution worldwide, but creator economy has lagged behind with old, unsafe, and sometimes unreliable models that can make it difficult for creators to get paid. Thankfully, that is now changing with Minxie.

Minxie uses decentralized, Web3 technology to empower creators and remove obstacles between them and getting paid. It is an all-in-one solution to create, distribute and monetize digital content by subscription and via NFTs. No banks or payment processors are required — just an ERC20 compatible wallet and passion to create and monetize digital content.

We have built the best Web3 platform for the creator community, fully integrating it into the blockchain and always keeping the safety of our creators and customers as our first priority. Minxie is for everyone with a passion for self-expression and betting on themselves, including various underrepresented groups of creators. More importantly, we made it easier for creators, from bloggers and influencers to adult creators and other artists, to get paid.

NFTs have changed the economics for so many artists and photographers. Minxie can do the same for content creators and adult entertainers, as well as people at the intersection of art and mature audiences who are not properly served by what’s out there now. If neither Instagram, Patreon, OnlyFans or OpenSea is right for you, Minxie probably is.

Here’s how it works:

What is Minxie?

Minxie is a new community-first Content Subscription Platform backed by two cryptocurrencies ($MINX — the governance token of the ecosystem; and $GOOD — the transactional token of the Platform) that also features an NFT Marketplace, allowing creators to focus on building and monetizing their community while leveraging blockchain integrations to get financial control back from the platforms exposing their content and hard work.

But don’t confuse it with the competitors, Minxie is not just a content platform, it’s a creator-focused ecosystem.

How is Minxie different?

Minxie is a platform built from the bottom up around a true authentic community, and its incentives are aligned with creators getting the most for their content. It is an all-in-one solution that provides creators with a plug-and-play way to get paid for producing great content, as well as built-in infrastructure to address privacy, payment and tax issues that currently provide major pain points for creators.

One unique opportunity will be the ability to create and sell or lease individual NFTs to fans, allowing creators the ability to be treated as such — an artist, a muse, an inspiration.

Minxie encourages a blend of free and paid content as well as aligning long-term financial interests of Creators and their fans via NFT resale and royalties, we incentivize Creators and content consumers to bring their communities to our platform.

Minxie provides Creators with more ways to directly monetize while also giving them better discoverability features (live streaming, tipping, one-on-one communication, messaging) and creates a self-sustaining ecosystem for Creators to spend valuable time creating content instead of marketing across multiple platforms.

We also provide Creators with the ability to determine the exact scope of rights granted to their fans upon the purchase of their content, while making sure that any out-of-platform transactions do not affect their earning potential or expose them to infringement of their intellectual property rights.

And, last but not least, Minxie utilizes decentralized payment processors that do not discriminate against the underrepresented Creators, and is able to offer a platform that does not threaten their ability to monetize their work, while allowing Creators to determine their own rules of engagement with fans via utility NFTs and blockchain-based platform governance.

With Minxie, content creators are in control of what they publish and how it is monetized, both in the short and long-term. Due to the intrinsic advantages of blockchain infrastructure and the smart contracts used, Minxie also offers lower fees as compared to the existing non-blockchain-based competition.

Our Mission

Minxie creates a new decentralized network, where our Minxie Creators are in control of what they publish and how it is monetized, have full ownership of their copyrights and world-class support from our Minxie Team.

Minxie also allows Creators and their Supporters to benefit from the rapidly growing NFT market by launching its Minxie NFT Marketplace, where Minxie Creators will be able to share their unique works of digital art with their fans, as well as purchase unique Minxie NFTs.

Connect with Us!

We want to meet innovators, creators, allies and visionaries that share their passion for privacy, security of digital assets, power of decentralized worlds, metaverses, and freedom of artistic expression through blockchain technology or other means.

We welcome all inquiries or just a “Hey” in any of the following mediums:

Website: https://www.minxie.io/

Pre-Sale Waitlist: https://www.minxie.io/mvpnft

Team Reserves Pre-Mint: https://www.premint.xyz/minxieverse-1/

NFT Mint Page: https://minxieverse.com

NFT Roadmap: https://info.minxie.io/NFTRoadmap

NFT Tiers: https://minxieofficial.medium.com/minxie-nfts-tiers-perks-access-6e3b4589fb2b

Mint Roadmap: https://minxieofficial.medium.com/mvp-nfts-the-mint-date-the-whitelist-the-waitlist-e2c883ea762b

Discord: https://discord.gg/minxie

Instagram: https://instagram.com/minxieofficial/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/minxieofficial

Media Contact: communications@minxie.io

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