Minxie NFTs — Tiers, Perks, Access

Small step for Creator, giant leap for Creator Economy

What is Minxie?

What are NFTs?

I. Minxie Mascot MVP NFTs

Probably Nothing

What are these Tiers?

Tier 1 Mascot NFT
  • Access to Beta
  • Special Discord roles
  • Early access to new features
  • Early access to the NFT platform
  • Exclusive participation in random monthly giveaways (free through partnerships like tickets to the museum of sex, tickets to NFT events, fashion week, etc.)
  • Vote on features and game elements of the first NFT drop on the Minxie NFT platform
  • Mystery NFT and Luxury Merch Drops
Tier 2 Mascot NFT
Tier 3 Mascot NFT

II. Minxie Verse Pass NFTs

Mystery NFT Drops

  • Fashion line
  • Luxury Merch Partnerships
  • Minxie Content Studios
  • Multichain NFT marketplace
  • VR/Metaverse parties with Creators
  • New partnerships with entertainment companies
  • Launching of new separate DeFi products under the Minxie umbrella

Contacting Minxie



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